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Welcome to

Art Deco Society
of Auckland

(Club Moderne)

We are Auckland's home of inspiration for the culture and design movements of Art Nouveau and Art Deco through to Moderne (mid-century)

The Art Deco Society of Auckland in Action


The Story of
the Art Deco Society of Auckland

The Art Deco Society Auckland was started in 1996 by a group of Art Deco enthusiasts who wanted to preserve and celebrate the architectural, decorative and cultural influences of the era. The group has since grown to include members from all over Auckland and New Zealand, and embraces the styles of Art Nouveau through to mid-century Moderne.

Our mission is to promote and protect the heritage of Auckland, including buildings, interior design, furniture, and decorative art forms. We also aim to educate the public about these unique architectural styles and their place in New Zealand’s history. Our activities help to ensure that Auckland’s Art Deco legacy is being kept alive and celebrated. 

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